Configuration Basics

Configuration for pynsot consists of a single INI with two possible locations:

  1. /etc/pynsotrc
  2. ~/.pynsotrc

The files are discovered and loaded in order, with the settings found in each location being merged together. The home directory takes precedence.

Configuration elements must be under the pynsot section.

If you don’t create this file, running nsot will prompt you to create one interactively.

Like so:

$ nsot sites list
/home/jathan/.pynsotrc not found; would you like to create it? [Y/n]: y
Please enter URL: http://localhost:8990/api
Please enter SECRET_KEY: qONJrNpTX0_9v7H_LN1JlA0u4gdTs4rRMQklmQF9WF4=
Please enter EMAIL: jathan@localhost

Example Configuration

auth_header = X-NSoT-Email
auth_method = auth_header
default_site = 1
default_domain =
url =

Configuration Reference

Key Value Default Required
url API URL. (e.g. http://localhost:8990/api)   Yes
email User email $USER@{default_domain} No
api_version API version to use. (e.g. 1.0) None No
auth_method auth_token or auth_header   Yes
secret_key Secret Key from your user profile   No
default_site Default site_id if not provided w/ -s   No
auth_header HTTP header used for proxy authentication X-NSoT-Email No
default_domain Domain for email address localhost No